Sumba Island is a new destination that we are developing for our next project. Soon the island of Sumba is famous because natural beauty. This island is part of province of East Nusa Tenggara (one province with Flores Island) but has a professional Tour Guide licensed and has competence in the field.

Our personally determined to cooperate with some local Tour Operators in Sumba for us both develop some candidate Professional Tour Guide to become a professional in their field and I will start at some Vocational High School Tourism there.

Little contribution we try to make to provide the new Professional Manpower as Tour Guide there. Until now we have not found the exact number of HPI Tour Guide licensed on the Sumba Island but what we found so far in the field is a driver concurrently a Tour Guide and it is not good for service.


We will continue to introduce all the things about East Nusa Tenggara to various countries. This activity aims to introduce the beauty and variety of culture from East Nusa Tenggara to International.

This Program has been running in the last 2 years, we will continue to promote to Europe, Oceania (Australia) and Asia.


I will build a villa in a tourist destination (Riung 17 Islands-Flores) that does not yet have good hospitality and good service standards. Then in my tourism activities I will involve the local community to participants in our daily activity, including making this villa a practice place for students around it.

Engaging the community to become operator the related tourism sector as needed. Place them not as spectators but as actors in tourism board.

Around NTT

We will expand into several islands that are part of East Nusa Tenggara such as: Rote, Sabu, Alor Islands, Timor and Lembata. Where the islands have a very interesting beauty and cultural diversity.

Of course not only the destination, we will continue to involve the local community to be part of the development of local tourism so that it becomes a sustainable synergy.